Sandpiper Bag Governance & Agreement

Sandpiper Australia ask that Bag holders agree to certain conditions, not least responsibility for re-stocking of their Bag, ensuring appropriate use and that the responsible clinician operates within their existing scope-of-practice.

For Rural Generalist clinicians, provision of prehospital emergency care in their community is often considered part of their usual practice, especially if already providing emergency care through hospital, clinic or after hours roles. As autonomous professionals, clinicians are trusted to act within their scope-of-practice and/or under existing credentialing requirements (eg local hospital). Sandpiper Australia encourages clinicians to integrate into existing networks of emergency service care – such as State trauma networks, ambulance, retrieval service etc and it may then be expedient to operate under organisational governance.

The Sandpiper Bag Agreement sets out the broad terms of Sandpiper Bag clinician governance for individuals and organisations.

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