Welcome to your Sandpiper Bag

Standard Sandpiper Bag Layout

The Sandpiper Bag is designed to allow suitable trained clinicians to ‘value add’ in support of existing services, although we recognise that on occasions the clinician may be required to act in a first responder role prior to arrival of emergency services.

As such, the standard configuration is focussed on ‘doing the basics, well’ and on certain meaningful interventions that may be required when local resources are limited.

There is of course scope to personalise the kit contents and this should be driven by local needs. Perhaps the greatest area for personalisation is in designing a medication pack to support the Sandpiper Bag. As with other equipment, this may need to be sourced from existing Hospital, Clinic or Ambulance by agreement.

The following documents outline the standard Sandpiper Bag layout, contents checklist, recommended medications, Sandpiper SOPs & Guidelines and the Sandpiper Bag Agreement.

Standard Sandpiper Bag Layout – click here to download

Equipment Checklist – click here to download

Recommended Medications – click here to download
(these may be sourced from PBS Doctors Bag and by agreement with local hospital/ambulance)

Sandpiper SOPs and guidelines – click here to download

Sandpiper Bag Agreement – click here to download