Welcome to Sandpiper Australia - a not for profit organisation run by a group of passionate volunteers dedicated to saving lives in rural and remote Australia.

Sandpiper Australia is working to equip rural and remote practitioners with the equipment needed to save lives.

 This piece of equipment, known as the Sandpiper Bag is a standardised bag of life-saving medical equipment, designed to allow trained practitioners to deliver early and advanced interventions for patients with time-critical needs in times of crisis.  Our team of first responders are able to provide medical assistance whilst awaiting paramedic or emergency services, or when other services may be unavailable.

Sandpiper Australia knows that critical illness does not respect geography.  However, with increased rurality come increased challenges in terms of available ambulance personnel and specialist pre-hospital services – the so-called “tyranny of distance”

Our vision is to close the trauma gap in rural Australia, via a National Rural Responder Network of appropriately trained and equipped clinicians who can ‘value add’ in emergency response situations, not replace existing services and expertise.

Sandpiper Australia Clinicians