The Sandpiper Bag – History and International Recognition

The Sandpiper Bag is well recognised in the international prehospital setting. There are over 1,500 Sandpiper Bag holders distributed across Scotland.

The Sandpiper Bag is also used as a mainstay in examinations for the Diploma in Immediate Care under the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh). UK Sandpiper Clinicians are integrated with Scottish Ambulance, Emergency Medical Retrieval Scotland and the British Association of Immediate Care Schemes (BASICS), the overriding umbrella group for prehospital care in the UK.

More information about the Sandpiper Trust (UK) can be found here on the Sandpiper Trust website or read more about The Sandpiper History here.


If you are a UK clinician and would like to express interest in a Sandpiper Trust bag, more information can be found here on the BASICS website.

Sandpiper bag UK
Sandpiper Trust (UK) Bag