About your Sandpiper Bag

Thankyou for becoming a Sandpiper Clinician and helping improve the pre-hospital health outcomes for your rural community

Setting up your Sandpiper Bag



The Sandpiper Bag is designed to allow suitably trained clinicians to value add in pre-hospital settings. As such, the standard configuration is focussed on doing “the basics” well, and on meaningful interventions.

All relevant documents to help set up your Sandpiper Bag can be found here, including colour coded labels you can print for each of your pouches.

Sandpiper Bag Guiding Principles

Sandpiper Australia recommends that all Sandpiper Clinicians read our current Guiding Principles and Standard Operating Procedures before engaging in the pre-hospital needs of their community. 

Sandpiper Clinician Governance

The Sandpiper Bag Agreement sets out the broad terms of Sandpiper Bag clinician governance for individuals and organisations. More information about this can be found on the Sandpiper Bag Governance and Agreement page.

The Agreement can also be downloaded via the below link.