About The Sandpiper Bag

Sandpiper Bags, in the hands of trained and passionate rural responders, are having a significant positive impact on health outcomes for those living in rural and remote Australia - those who do not have the same access to health care or emergency services as Australians living in metropolitan areas.

The Sandpiper Bag is a standardised bag of life-saving medical equipment designed to allow Sandpiper Clinicians to deliver early and advanced interventions for patients with time-critical needs.

Our Sandpiper Bags are comprised of two separate backpacks, which can be combined into one ‘masterbag’, and worn either as a backpack, or slung over a shoulder.

Sandpiper Bags follow the universally utilised ‘C-ABC’ approach for managing emergencies:

  • Control major haemorrhage/C-spine
  • Airway
  • Breathing
  • Circulation.

The smaller bag is dedicated to Control and Circulation, the larger bag to Airway and Breathing

Sandpiper Bags separated into C (left) and A-B (right)
Sandpiper Bags open in clamshell format




Each Sandpiper Bag opens out in a clamshell format to reveal multiple clearly labelled small pouches which are colour coded based on contents to reduce human factor distractions in pressured situations.

Pouches are specifically designed to contain essential pre-hospital emergency equipment not carried in a routine first aid-kit. Sandpiper Bags can also hold an appropriately sized oxygen cylinder. 

Sandpiper Australia provides Sandpiper Clinicians with a fully itemised list of recommended items, which can be modified slightly depending on practitioner skill and experience.

More information can be found on the Welcome to Your Sandpiper Bag page.