Support Us

If you are a rural clinician, we’d LOVE to hear from you. Look at our Become a Sandpiper Clinician page or email us now to see how to become trained as a Rural Responder with a view to taking possession of a Sandpiper Bag.

If you are a rural community member who has been affected by trauma or similar prehospital incident, we’d be interested in developing your advocacy for a Sandpiper Rural Responder. In the UK, communities have raised funds to help purchase a Sandpiper Bag for ‘their’ rural clinician. Get in touch via our Contact Us page, we’d LOVE to hear from you.

If you are an individual, organisation or industry sponsor interested in donating funds to Sandpiper Australia or helping to equip our Sandpiper Bags with the necessary life-saving equipment, we’d also LOVE to hear from you. Email us, or visit the Donate page for more information.

Download the Expression of Interest form here or email