The Sandpiper Bag

The latest batch of Sandpiper Bags have arrived in Australia and are available under terms of the EOI.

We will be distributing bags as a priority to those communities with clinicians who have :

  • completed a course in prehospital care (such as induction to an existing retrieval service, or courses such as ACRRM PHEC course, RFDS STAR, CART, ATACC, PHTLS etc) or have prior demonstrated pre-hospital experience
  • committed to stocking the Sandpiper Bag to approved contents list (either with kit supplied by local clinic/hospital/ambulance or donated via Sandpiper fundraising)
  • committed to being a ‘Sandpiper Champion’ to promote the work of Sandpiper and liaise with local ambulance and emergency agencies to deliver care in the rural community

    Please complete an Expression of Interest form if you wish to be considered and email to

    Please note that Sandpiper Australia requires proof of AHPRA registration, appropriate credentialing, relevant experience or training in prehospital care. We typically ask for a written agreement that Sandpiper Bag recipients will be responsible for the Bag and contents, undertake ongoing CPDD, work within scope-of-practice and decommission or return the bag if no longer in use.

    Sandpiper Mk III bags are the same as those used by Sandpiper UK and have been trialled for over 12 months in the harsh Australian conditions by one of the South Australian Rural Emergency responders. The verdict? These bags are excellent and fit-for-purpose for use by Australian clinicians delivering immediate care.
The Sandpiper Bag proved as reliable in the harsh Australian climate as in the Highlands of Scotland

Our mission is to supply Sandpiper Bags; solutions may vary with location. Some clinicians may prefer an empty bag and equip it according to our recommended layout. In many locations this can be achieved by partnering with local Hospital, local ambulance and PBS Doctors Bag medications. Other locations may wish to look at raising funds to take possession of a full kit and bag, pre-packed.

You can see more of the Sandpiper Mk III bag here from the BASICS-Scotland website (Australians may need subtitles….)

Here’s an explanation of the Sandpiper Bag in Australia from Dr Tim Leeuwenburg in South Australia, who uses the Sandpiper Bag in preference as part of the Rural Emergency Responder Network in SA